There is no time like the present

Despite our group’s rough start today by missing our morning meeting, I feel like the day was incredibly positive overall. At our first team meeting we set goals and defined the characteristics we would need to display to achieve these goals.

Together with the entire staff at the Our Lady of Carmen center, we proved that with flexibility and a spirit of cooperation, a great deal can indeed be accomplished. Larry and Marcelo did an amazing job on making progress on the new walls. We volunteers and all the loving staff were able to care for and have fun with all the children despite the disruption in the routine. Linda’s efforts to keep things tidy was a big plus!

Amy reminded us this morning to always be present and I think today we took her message to heart! Spending the last hour with the tías was a delightful learning experience for all. We look forward to mañana.
Entry submitted by: Mary Brown

Message for the day: “There is no time like the present.” 

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