Think outside the box

The amazing landscape continues to just blow us away. The vigorous wind continues to take our breath.

Upon arriving at the Community Centre, we were warmly greeted by Nicolas, Steve and Aparisio (Apparition).We accomplished much this morning. Grace (a teacher) presented herself to also help scub the fence. Steve and one, and sometimes even a second man also worked with us every step of the way. At one point, Jean asked me for the time. I answered “10”. She looked up, she looked around at the sky, she looked at me and exclaimed, “IN THE MORNING?!!” We later started washing the outside walls of The Centre itself. The mold was very thick on much of the cement. Jean may be petite, but what a power house!—physically, mentally and sense of humourlly. A little later, after we had a break, we enjoyed very juicy watermelon and felt re-freshed.Allan told me that they strung the electrical wire from the road to ´la cocina´ and put it in conduit. Allan, Dick and Nicolas started filling in the trench. Don began getting the items necessary to put the electrical wire into the power boxes. He gave up trying to shovel dirt with a spade. He (Dick) fashioned a washer out of the plastic tape container so one of the explosive connectors would work. He saved a few colonies there. Our Smart Boy (as Alex referred to him with pride) not only is able to think inside the circuit box, but also outside the circuit box.

Lunch was at Nicolas´ House-Father’s and House-Mother’s casa. We were greeted so warmly. It was a delicious affair with much to choose from! We even had homemade tortillas. We had Tamarindo juice to drink. The tomatoes in Canada are never this tasty.The afternoon was spent teaching english-speaking. Allan and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We floundered more than a few times but the kids were always respectful and willing to participate, even through shyness and self-consciousness. One exercise, “On your birthday, tell me in English please, what you would like to receive.” “A Play-Station!!” To a young girl who would like to possibly become a Chef one day, “Tell me what is your favorite thing, in English please, to make?” “Pizza!!” I hate it when that happens! But Toddlers even are able to outsmart me most times. Don said that his class was able to pronounce “th” quite quickly, eg. “thirsty”. He also has a great trick to help them pronouce the V sound.Things are great.

We all feel at home with each other already.

– Simone

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