A New Corps of Discovery

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In 1804, members of the Lewis and Clark expedition traveled down the Yellowstone River through Crow country on their return trip to St. Louis. The “Corps of Discovery”, as they were known, was completing its mission to document the land and its plants, animals, terrain and its people.


Some Gals From Team 8 Core of Discovery

Similarly, 210 years later, another group of intrepid explorers is completing their mission in Crow country. We came to gain an insight into Crow culture, spread the spirit of kindness, live a new experience and appreciate what we have in our lives.

The present day Corps of Discovery started the day, as usual, with a morning jog to the top of one of the ridges where we met four Crow youth watching the sunrise. As with almost all encounters, here it was friendly and had to be cut short, in order to make it back to the Wellness Center for the morning showers. Off to Crow Fair – where we met our friends, enjoyed the competitions and cultural events, and relaxed into the rhythm of this yearly event.


Global Volunteer Cowboy


One Of Our Cowgirls

A trip to the trading post for dinner ended the day.  Some team members retired to their rooms contemplating what the CORE of their discovery had been not only this day but the week. What had we “discovered” about this land, this people?  This culture? About each other? and probably more importantly, what had we discovered about ourselves – who we were and who we had become through this experience?

Did I achieve my goal of “modernizing” my definition of a Native American? I think that I have, but maybe it is different from what I had hoped it would be.

Penned by Dave

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