Thursday April 17th


We were greeted our first morning rain as we were shuttled to our worksites. At the Colegio more painting was done, although the quality of the work is in question. There was a minor issue of “to thin” or “not to thin” and the thinning won out. Nia surprised Sally at Casem about 11:30 am where we went to work on sorting cd’s, pot holders and other items. Sally also put CASEM stickers on the very useful recycled bags used for purchases. Catalina was Sally’s helper most of the morning, as well. Lunch was a wonderful “olla de carne” prepared by Rosie.

After work we took a wonderful walk in “Bajo del Tigre”, part of the Children’s Eternal Forest. Roger was the first to meet up with a “wild animal”, an agouti, which came wondering across a path. Next Anita spotted a coati, which was following us. Rounding a corner, Dave spotted several capuchin monkeys who delighted us with their leaping from tree to tree. We soon reached the Mirador, a beautiful look out spot, for a rest and a photo taking session. Twilight and all the lovely insect noises followed us back. We were totally surprised when Roger saw a toucan, a huge one. Our last sighting was a pair of mot-mots which ended our quite incredible Cloud Forest walk.

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