Thursday, Day 6

Thought for the day:
“An Irish Blessing – May those who love us, love us. With those who don’t love us, may God turn their hearts. If he can’t turn their hearts, may he turn their ankles, so we will know them by their limp.”

Another great breakfast and we were off to work in Cebadilla and Monteverde. In the van, on the ride over to Cebadilla, we saw another rainbow, only this time it was somewhat faded.

During the day, Helen learned how to make tortillas in the cocina (kitchen). Suze, Ann, and I were meter maids with Nicosio. Maggie and Jean cleaned the escuela (school) and Mandi hauled earth. John continued with the cement trough and Kate helped smooth out the cement. Later Kate decorated the wall at the back of the cocina with stucco. Alex hauled la tierra (earth) off the road and Bobbie did some stucco work on the wall by the escuela. We heard that Ed did some gardening while Val gave English lessons to some eager students.

The workday ended and most of us traveled to Monteverde and the crafts cooperative. We were dropped off at a cheese factory where we sampled cheese and indulged in ice cream. We then walked to the coop and saw where Val and Ed spent their days. Once inside, we browsed through the handmade crafts and purchased gifts for friends and family. We also went to the coffee shop and bakery where some bought coffee while others ate piggies in a blanket, cinnamon rolls and other pastries. Alex spent time making his own tamale.

We gathered for dinner and then retired to our rooms for a good night’s sleep and preparation for another hard day at work tomorrow.

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