Our Teacher Rita

Our Teacher Rita

Today is the Feast of St Rita. Rita is the name of our Italian host in Italy. Her students presented her with flowers for her feast day and we are so proud to have our picture with her on this special day.

Our day was wonderful. I met & talked with students in Rosa’s classes and took a break, but, John kept on for all 5 classes. After school, we hurried home to the Hotel Clio, after assuring Phyllis everyone was accounted for. Next on the agenda was our picnic by the pool. It was delicious & fun as each of us contributed finger foods – native grown or made products like tomatoes, olives, and fruit. Of course, there was dessert.

Delicious Italian Pastry

Delicious Italian Pastry

photo 3

At The Grotto

After a short rest we were picked up by one of the student’s father who lives in Castellana to tour the beautiful caves. This was his gift to us! The caves remind me of Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. They are known worldwide & many spelunkers come here.  After the tour, we were ushered into a restaurant for refreshments and wonderful sweets and spritzers. He presented each of us with photographs of the caves & the town, fit to frame. We were so surprised & grateful for his presents. It was clearly a time of celebration as he presented me with the Italian flag after I began & all the Global Volunteers joined in singing the national anthem. What a wonderful experience!
Our evening meetings are always a time to review the day & look at tomorrow. Then we had dinner that included a birthday cake for Barbara which was ‘deliziosa’.



 I’m pleased to have spent a day teaching, learning, and laughing with Italian students. They are well prepared on so many subjects and seem mature. This was a wonderful day, especially since we received our lost passports in the mail.  Thank God, there is no trip to the American embassy in Naples.

Gratzie To The Honest Person Who Found Them In Naples

Gratzie To The Honest Person Who Found Our Passports In Naples

I’ll sleep peacefully tonight. Is it only Thursday? Penned by Kris

Thought for the Day

 “The 1st step in the acquisition of wisdom is silence; the 2nd is listening; 3rd is memory; 4th is practice and the 5this teaching others.”          Solomon Ibn Gabriol


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