Vietnam Volunteer Vacation – Thursday October 7th

By Tim

Thought of the day: “Random acts of kindness are good – organized act of kindness are better.”

The day is off to a good start with an organized team meeting. The end of our time in Ha Noi is approaching. The high school team will meet in the home of the school president before what surely will be a good dinner and party.

Our morning taxi commute was challenged by street closures and signs of people gathering for a celebration- saw some floats parked in front of the Opera House too. The street traffic seemed extra frenetic, which I believe was heightened by the blaring music from rusty speakers along the way.

At school, we reported to our scheduled classes to continue towards our goals of encouraging spoken conversations. Another go at e-commerce where discussions included advantages and disadvantages for this newly emerging method of Vietnamese commerce.

Because this is our second meeting, the students this week seem more at ease and willing to try a series of questions and answers! My afternoon writing class was a lively discussion of process analysis writing as taught by a discussion of food and how to make dinner. The students and I had fun.

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