Tiling continues in Canitas Community Center

Our crew of five tread on with tiling today as week two starts off.

Massive rain kept us inside in this project. The many volunteer teams over the years have constructed this massive community center for a community of about 100 people.

Today as the downpour “aguacero” came down to proof the gap this center fills for the kids , they had a healthy place to play and exercise.

Cathy: Thought of the Day: Individually we are one drop. Together we are an ocean. Ryunosuke Satoro

May 25 Journal: Monday was a productive day. All of us were on hands and knees cleaning the kitchen tiles and then Chris and Roberto and several local community helpers grouted the kitchen while Devone, Cathy and Kirk worked with Franklin to continue tiling the Snack area. Break found Davone and Roberto getting routed in a soccer game with two local teenage girls…score 25-10!
The afternoon found us working with several community members as we finished cleaning the grout and continued to tile until quitting time. The rainy season has started in earnest. Kirk Cunningham

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