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Message of the Day: Michelle
“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Mahatma Ghandi

Today seemed to be a wonderful blur of activity and accomplishment. A new foundation for Center #2 washroom and no more graffiti on the courtyard walls at Center #2. It was cool and overcast – perfect for painting outdoors.

As usual all of the niños were happy and well cared for. My biggest impression today were the tías. They are so unbelievably committed to those kids. We are there for an hour here and an hour there, laughing and teasing the niños, but they are there day in and day out for all seasons. How do they do it? Compared to what we are used to, their pay is minute, but yet they are joyful and do their jobs well. They have set an example for me to carry home.

As for our team? We have become workers in unison and friends – we dine and play together. We complain about our aches and pains and how we don’t like concrete block construction. And please, what were those noises on the bus today?

I am overwhelmed by this volunteer experience. It is a very simple and uncomplicated task, but there’s so much to think about and take home.

A few things I am thankful for today:
-The tías
-Meeting all the niños
-Pan de Yuca – now that I have tasted them
-Not helping with the concrete blocks!
-Making the kids smile with a snapshot
-Cecilia’s masapan
And last but not least, Abby & Doug for bringing me along for this entire adventure.



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