Time passed quickly when we were having fun!

city wallThought for the day: “If you don’t know where you are going you will end up some place else” – Yogi Berra (American baseball player)

Our day starts of course with breakfast at the hotel and with MaryAnn keeping watch for the freshly produced Chinese beignets served with honey.  It is at breakfast that we see the many tour groups which stay at the hotel.  Besides Chinese tour groups we have seen (or heard) German, French, British groups in the past two weeks.  We feel sorry for these tourist who are staying in Xi’an at for only one or two days and missing much of the charm of the city that can only be experienced with a longer stay – i.e. hailing a taxi in the Moslem quarter, knowing how to take the #43 bus to and from the Bell Tower, etc.

The High-tech College group had a day away from teaching as the school treated them to a city tour which included a visit to the city wall where we have a leisurely walk from the West Gate to the South Gate and then continue on to the East Gate by electric cart.  Accompanying us were Vivi and Ms. Miao Rong.  During the walking portion Miao Rong rented a bicycle so some of us could have the experience of cycling on the wall’s very wide path (note there is an age limit for bicycle rental which is from 10 years to 60 years old).  Of course walking is the best to enjoy the city views from this magnificent wall.  Near the East Gate we were then treated to lunch at the “Laosunjia Restaurant of Sliced Pancake in Mutton Soup”. For our Biomedical Technical College group it was aMaryAnn1 teaching day.  With lessons involving creating a simple sentence with one noun and then adding a connective phrase.  Another lesson involved words from the Yellow Submarine song.  Another lesson involved a simulated question and answer conversation about the status of how one feels health wise.  Lunch for the group was at a noodle restaurant near the college.

Our day ended with the day at a restaurant near the hotel featuring rustic style food and decor.  There was a full size wooden farm cart featured in the decor.

Time has passed quickly and it is hard to believe we have completed two of our three weeks of teaching.


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