Tired, but Excited!

Highlights from Team Journal Entry for Thursday, July 16 

Today we woke up and I know that at least Jake and I were super tired, but we were excited to work on the wall and play with the kids. We went to visit daycare center #1 and the market, which was very cool. When we got to center #2, we helped the maestro with the wall while others helped with the kids. After their fruit, we got to spend some time with them. Today we could use our cameras and we got some really cool pictures and videos with the kids, and it is fun to see how much they love phones. After that we had to help the maestro again. This time we were hauling sand and it was pretty brutal, but it’s very satisfying to see all the progress we have made on the wall and to learn new things from him. We finished out the day at the daycare by hanging out with the kids and waiting for them to get picked up. It was also a big day for Pelusa, who behaved very well while she was up on the roof and got to interact with all the kids. It was also great news that they approved a house for Pelusa, which should also be very good for her. In the evening we all went to dinner at Crepes and Waffles, which I think everyone can agree was good, and where the service was better than expected.

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