Tired from a good day’s work

Wednesday was a good day – albeit a busy one. We had our usual breakfast and team meeting. Once we got to the center, we got straight to work. Missy and one of the mom volunteers filled in gaps between the bricks with cement. Other moms sifted and washed sand for the sandbox. Darrell and the maestro filled in the floor almost completely. It will definitely be finished tomorrow.

Maggie, Missy, and Jenn took a trip to the paint store to pick up supplies to paint the walls tomorrow. Since it was only a couple of blocks away, we walked. Sometimes walking is just easier.

After we returned from the paint store, the mom volunteers left to get the beams for the roof. We took this opportunity to duck out to lunch. Generally, Maggie brings us lunch so we can spend more time at the center, but it was nice to meet the person who feeds us every day.

We left lunch and ventured down the street, grabbed a couple ice cream bars, and watched the city of Calderón. We continued down the main street to meet Cecilia, a local artist who makes the traditional dolls out of bread dough. She showed us how se makes turtles, a horse, a baby, and a flower. After our tutorial, we got to roam her showroom – needless to say, we all left with something!


Cecilia demonstrating her skill

We returned to the center and finished our projects from the morning.

After work Darrell went to the mall to take care of some shopping. Missy and Jenn went to TelefériQo (the tram going up the mountain) to view the city of Quito from atop the local Pichincha Volcano. TelefériQo is a recent local attraction where you are transported to the (almost) top of the volcano for a spectacular view of the city. Even the volcano isn’t large enough to see the entire city at once.


Jenn going up the tram


View of Quito







Once finished at TelefériQo, Missy and Jenn ventured down the volcano and took a cab close to the hotel to grab a bite for dinner. They had a good evening. Everyone was tired and looking forward to the following day when the walls would be painted, the floor fully installed, and all donations the team bought – given to the center.

Entry submitted by: Jenn  

Message of the day – Missy: “The purpose in life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson  


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