tomorrow is another chance and another day

We started out this morning talking about the varying weather, surprising each other about how little or how much snow fell each year. After we figured out all of the working assignments for the day, Joe dropped all of us off in our respective working places. My stop was at the library, where we chatted for a bit, and then I took apart easels as my mother installed a bookshelf. Soon after, we met up with Joe again and he dropped us off at the Boys and Girls Club. After about an hour of reading and playing with sidewalk chalk, it was time to go to the swimming pool. Once again, my mother and I climbed back into the van, along with four girls from the club. I think I speak for everyone in the van in saying that those girls love to talk about anything, anytime and anywhere. It’s safe to say that almost all of the girls absolutely loved swimming with Marisa, while a lot of the boys liked hanging out with Joe.

At the end of our work day, we had a team meeting where Joe gave us a whole mess of papers and forms to fill out and started figuring out when we were going to leave for the airport to catch our flights. Which, coincidentally happened to be the same flight.

Not too long after, we left for Brother Ray’s Ranch. The sights of the landscape and beautiful river were to die for, no matter how adventurous the path was to get there. I’m also pretty sure that we were all sad to see the graveyard and especially the graves of the babies who were no older than six-years-old. I’m sure that we all felt like trailblazers when we went over and under the barbed wire and through all of the close encounters with prickly bushes. We walked back to Brother Ray’s house just in time for a barbeque dinner. We talked for a while and found out a lot about the Blackfeet culture and his expansive CD collection.

All too soon, it was time to say goodbye to Brother Ray and make our way back to Head Start. My mother and I ended the night searching the sky for stars. Unfortunately, none were to be found. But that’s okay. For tomorrow is another chance and another day. After all, you gotta be flexible, right?

by Danny

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