One tribe, One time, One planet, One Race

“One tribe. One time. One planet. One Race”
– The Black Eyed Peas

Today was the first day we got to work on the construction of the new school kitchen. Hope and Sherri worked on that project while Carrie taught at the school and Meghan and I went back to the clinic. The morning was rather uneventful and slow until a man who was in a motorcycle accident needed sutures. After a delicious lunch where we finally got to try ugali we switched our projects. Sherri and Meghan went to the clinic, Hope to the school, and Carrie and I went to the construction site. We carried bricks for Moses and mixed more cement. It was very dirty work, but fun. Then, Edward invited us to his house to meet his “human beings”. We were greeted with tea and many delicious snacks. We returned to the house where we sat on the porch until dinner while Carrie and Sherri went on a quick walk. After dinner, Revered Harrison talked with us about the role of a Hehe man. During, we enjoyed Mama Tony’s delicious, salty popcorn.

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