Tuesday April 15th

After a howling windy night, we awoke to a bright sunny day and another beautiful breakfast. Ferin, our driver, picked us up for our long ride to the Colegio, and took Sally off to CASEM. We met Harold our leader on the veranda and took us to the classroom where we got organized Paul, the headmaster, welcomed us and gave us a little historical info about the holiday just past.

Harold then introduced us to Sylvia, Jessica, Marlen, Greivin, Isaac, and Alonzo, showed us what we were going to be doing and then took us on a tour of the school grounds. They showed us their greenhouse where they were going to be planting to maximize oxygen production. A winding trail led us through the school forest to the outbuildings where pigs and chickens were being raised. Passing the tilapia pond we came to the cow barn and were informed about the milk operation.

Harold then sent us to the tourismo and ecology classroom to clean walls and floor and to get it ready to paint. When we finished that we had lunch at the school soda, rice, beans, and spaghetti with an oatmeal drink.

After lunch we were assigned the task of cleaning the tool room. Because it was located besides the chicken coop, it was very dusty. We hauled everything out and dusted it off, then replaced it. It went well except we spilled a container of old motor oil and I went all over the floor. With the aid of a hose and some brooms we managed to get things under control. Only ran into one scorpion.

Moving on we tackled the ban/o walls with water brushes and elbow grease. Not much graffiti was removed but maybe we can paint over it. Our day ended with a trip back to the Amanecer. Sally and Anita took a long walk and we dined on shrimp.

At CASEM, Sally cleaned the store and learned about the various items there. She met Patricia, one of the founders, who was mounting paintings.

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