Tuesday April 22nd


This was the day for Sally to join us at El Colegio, have a tour of the campus and view our handiwork. She had a close call as Harold mistakenly assigned her to work at our morning meeting.

The teams were put to work completing graffiti removal of the girls bathroom and completion of painting in the boys bathroom. After a quick peak at the elbow grease involved in graffiti removal Nia and Sally made a hasty retreat to CASEM.

Harold halted graffiti removal in favor of painting and by lunch time the bathrooms were completed in well watered blue. The principal dropped in to inspect them and judging from the body language and conversation with Marlen he noted the lack of pigment of the paint. I’m almost certain I caught a slight smile on his otherwise serious face when he saw that the most important piece of graffiti was completely gone, thanks to Rogers special effort (Nia did translate but I’m not putting it in the journal).

The remainder of the day was spent completing the outside wall in the usual 2 tones with precisely scheduled breaks. The gold was completed by 2:35 p.m., most of us hoped the day was over us we washed brushes. However Harold had other plans informing us that we have 25 minutes left –the paint was ready- so the terracotta on the remainder of the wall. All the students pitche din and we surprised ourselves by finishing the job at 3:00p.m. exactly. Harold in his best English told Roger as we walked for debriefing that he was very happy.

The day for Sally and Nia was varied-some work and observation of workshops of bookmaking techniques and painting classes. All made for an interesting day. A side trip to the Quaker school to drop off Catalina and pick-up Fiorella, broke up the day they werevery excited to spot a mot-mot en route.

We all watched the sunset at the Atardecer with wine and snacks, that was followed by yet another fabulous supper from Irene. Traditional stew plate-picadillo de papaya verde.

We completed the evening discussing as to wether we were all up to the challenge of the zip line before we leave Monteverde!

Anew student Christian worked with us today!

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