Tuesday, August 7, 2012 – Montana

by Pam Lamlein

Tuesday, workday 2, started for many with the usual outdoor stroll to the pool showers. If you time it just right, you get the added benefit of a glimpse of the sunrise. Much of the breakfast chatter focused on Monday night’s sweat. When those who particiapted shared their experiences, most described it as a profound sense of connection, spirituality, and healing.

Morning meeting continued to be a special time – building community within our team, answering questions, and getting us started as one before scattering to our respective assignments. We heard the quote of the day and yesterday’s journal. Then our social directors led a sprited discussion about our free time options for the week. This is a group that wants to see and do it all. We need more time for all of the wonderful choices – rodeo tryouts, sunset at Logan Pass, horseback riding, pow wow, Real People Herbal, Indian Cultural Museum, barbeque, etc. Michele, that was quite a demonstration you provided for how to get on a horse! After listening to the volunteer opportunities at each location and choosing our spots, we headed off to our assignments.

I like to think of what we are doing as “planting seeds.” Some of our seeds are being planted in tangible, routine tasks, some in sharing and relationship-building, others in needed projects, creative writing, and enrichment for children. We seem to feel productive and energetic when we see the seeds harvested immediately. It is more frustrating when the harvest is not visually evident to us, our persepectives and assumptions are challenged, or our plans don’t work out. Seeds are harvested in their own time and in their own way. When we plant our seeds with love, we give them to the universe and we trust that our creator/spirit will find a way to use and harvest them. In the end, it is simply about the unconditional gift we give.

As we gathered at the end of the afternoon, most people reported a satisfying day. Our journey then took us to Eagle Shield for dinner, where we met Connie, the director. We heard the story of the seeds she planted to create Eagle Shield. She welcomed us with words and poetry, and we enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by Maria. Beef stew, vegetarian rice, and root beer floats were well-received by all. Following dinner, team members went their separate ways, as there was no rodeo. A restful evening was most welcome after all of the busy moments we have had together.

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