Tuesday, Day 12

Thought for the day:
“A little less thought and a little more action.” – Unknown

Team accomplishments for the day
1. Dug ditch to repair broken water pipe.
2. Performed kitchen duties, including chopping, washing, cleaning, mopping, and sweeping
3. Added labels on product at the crafts cooperative.
4. Sanded, shellacked, and produced fine furniture, both at Cebadilla and the coop.
5. Dug dirt from the side of the road to use to level the ground at the schoolyard.
6. Moved earth from the back of the community center.
7. Built up two layers of concrete block to the bus stop.

Most memorable moment of the day from each team member
• Ann – Picking up the reservationists at Monteverde Reserve and being intrigued about why they do what they do.
• Val – Being able to apply my skills of working with children by playing Kooshball with the local youths.
• Mandi – Taking down Leandro, one of the kids at Cebadilla, with an Aikido move, because the kids at Cebadilla have been throwing mud at me for days!
• Helen – The relentless wind!
• Kelly – Seeing the water pipe and being able to finally understand why were digging the 20-foot long ditch.
• Devinder – Seeing Ann and Bobbie, the helping hand coming around the corner.
• Bobbie – Putting my shoulder down to catch a siesta.
• John – Mixing concrete… it reminded me of my childhood when I mixed my first bag of concrete with my grandfather.
• Alex – Throwing mud balls with the kids at Cebadilla.
• Jean – Finding the extra disk for sanding and staining furniture, for without it, I would be forced to postpone progress.
• Ed – Producing fine furniture.
• Kate – Recognizing that we were right around the bend from Rosita’s (the inn), after being completely lost for 45 minutes on our morning walk.

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