One Small Gesture Means So Much


We Met with The President

Morning began with some reminiscing of our Monday evening activity. We assisted our Crow leader with setting up his teepee for the upcoming Crow annual fair. It was one of the highlights of the trip thus far. Everyone had a chance to pitch in and we received not only direction, but rationale for correct completion and symbolic significance. Those who actually walked and balanced 20 foot poles had the most challenging experience – it was a very fun time.

Our first activity today occurred at “Little Big Horn College” across from our “home” at Head Start. The college president  met with us and provided a synopsis of the college history, subsequent growth and current challenges.

We then returned to our work locations to receive our day’s assignments. Activities were similar to the previous day with some completed independently and some alongside locals.


Washing Dishes For Feeding Program


Fixing Ceiling Lights At Head Start

At times, it feels that the tasked completed could not be of significant to the Global Volunteers goals of “waging peace and promoting justice” – so lofty an aspiration. However, when you consider that each elder who staffs the feeding program likely had a burden lifted and an easier day, the value of our contributions is evident.

This is a good thing and maybe that is the point. One small gesture followed by another and another – eventually a basis for trust and understanding. It will be the combined and  incremental efforts of all the global volunteers over time at this location that will make the difference and achieve the desired outcome.

Penned by Kerry

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