To appreciate the beauty of West Virginia, whether it be:
The rolling hills
A babbling creek
The New River Gorge
The longest single-arch steel span bridge in the Western Hemisphere
A coal mine, or
The crafts of the artists at TamarackTo know and follow the wisdom and vision of Artie Mullins;

To find the best in others, including those “who don’t need no stinkin’ help”;

To serve as needed: to caulk, to prime, to paint;, to fix the shelf that is half an inch off; to sort the craft supplies; to scrape the gunk; to install the cabinets; to tile the floor;

To leave Beards Fork a bit better, whether by 10, 000 sorted cans of food, a new food bank pantry, a semi-finished dorm, a remodeled home, or a six-year-old friend;


To hope that even one life has breathed easier because we were here.

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