Volunteer in Española, New Mexico

Be the Change. Be a Global Volunteer in Española, New Mexico

Volunteer in the Latino community of Española, New Mexico.

Meaningful one-week service opportunities await you in one of the most beautiful, yet impoverished locations in the United States.  In Española, 35% of the population live below the poverty line, more than two times higher than the national average.  And, poverty affects children the most.  Help K-6 grade students with literacy, basic math and science. Tutor children in elementary school subjects.  Organize or paint a classroom. Repair a playground or assist with a school garden.  Assist parents and teachers who are trying to ensure their children can reach their potential. See Covid-19 requirements.

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Serve in the desert Southwest.

“To be sure, there’s lots to do.  And, this group has what it takes to make a difference.  When the notion surfaces that we’re only doing a minor part in this large project, we reassure each other that we are playing an important necessary role building this coalition of friendship and growth with the good folks of Espanola, New Mexico.”

“The school could hold at least three or four times as many students as the 75 who now inhabit it, so the halls feel empty – like being in a nearly abandoned building, though it is bright and clean, and there are lots of colorful murals and decorations. One hundred percent of the students, we learned, are in poverty, according to U.S. government measurements.”

“Our adventure has included unique foods, challenging students, extraordinary community members and new team friends.  We feel fortunate to be part of Global Volunteers’ first program in Espanola, an amazing city filled with amazing people.”

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Be The Change.

Through important, full-day volunteer assignments and free-time activities, you learn about New Mexican culture and the significant ways you improve children’s and families’ lives. Our time-tested and proven philosophy of service ensures your efforts help advance the host community’s development vision and goals. You contribute to genuine community-based projects, and in doing so, you’re accepted as family. Our commitment to engage short-term volunteers on long-term community projects in partnership with local people enables you, in just a short time, to serve as a critical link in a chain of volunteer support spanning three decades.