Vacation Volunteer in Vietnam – Thursday, June 25 2009

teaching English in Vietnam

“Life is like a kaleidoscope; if you don’t like your view, change it!” Warren Williams.

Early, early morning Hanoi is another city entirely from the one we see during daylight hours. Most of the city seems to come out to the lake to walk, participate in outdoor aerobic classes or, if you are a man, some kind of bizarre kicking-in-the-air thing. Dynamo Ruth roused her sluggard roomie Patrice in time to see this side of Hanoi, and both of us were glad for the sights as well as the exercise.

A few hours later, we were all off to our fourth day at the SOS Children’s Village. Today’s topic was Body Parts, and the students seemed to pick up an amazing amount of vocabulary in just a short time. They love the team competition, that’s for certain! After our school day, we visited the Museum of Ethnology of Vietnam where we learned about several of the ethnic groups that make up this part of the world. It was bittersweet seeing the beautiful exhibits of tribal/ethic representations, knowing these ways of life are fast disappearing.

We agreed on a low-key dinner and took possession of our usual table at the restaurant Chica upstairs. We like the food and are treated like favorite guests there, always a nice way to end our day.

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