Vietnam Volunteer Program – Monday June 29, 2009

The class was a little rocky today. We hadn’t seen the students for four days and they were a little wild. Plus, because of the new cabinets, we had class in a new room in which students sat at a big horseshoe-shaped table facing each other. The boys all sat together.

What worked: The most successful activity was one in which pairs of students were given a picture of a young man or woman in a current magazine. Students were asked to write three descriptive sentences of the clothing worn, including name of article, color and pattern. They had fun with this. Another successful activity was having students come to the front of the classroom and find a particular article of clothing from a pile of things teachers had brought in. Students knew their colors and most patterns. Activities that work best are those in which students compete and the class is divided into teams.

After class, volunteers, ladies all, had an afternoon of shopping. We have very few days left here and there were things each of us wanted to buy. We had great fun and it was good having the encouragement of each other as we tried on clothes and jewelry. We all agreed that having the support of one another made the experience much more enjoyable than shopping solo.

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