Vietnam Volunteering – Tuesday, September 28th

By Barbara
Teaching is tough! Today we had our first day of teaching. Some of us went to Foreign Trade University where we were warmly welcomed by the faculty. The campus is a bustling hive of activity with thousands of students. As Terry said, feels good to be back in a college town!

We did a variety of teaching activity. Personally I had two serious classes, with two serious teachers! The subject was presentations and how to give them. It was hot as blazes and very humid, like being in a hot yoga class. My morning class was at a higher English level and more engaged than the afternoon class but both had curious and intelligent groups of students. Some things, like fear of public speaking, are no different cross continents or cross cultures. It was great to see the students gain a bit of confidence as they practiced their presentation skills.

The traffic and horns honking remain an astounding feature of Hanoi so far. The warm and welcoming faces of the students call us back for more tomorrow.

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