Visit to Siedlce

Messages of the day: 1) If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, when will you ever have time to do it over again? Attributed to John Wooden
2) Success is what you make of it.
Shared by Dick

After being a short-lived royal the night before, I had breakfast with the others. My students are chatting more openly as the hours go by. Today we reviewed old magazines, newspapers, and pictures of my home and family.  I asked questions afterwards. Most remembered the royal baby and Rihanna, the pop singer. For the fourth hour all students and some of the volunteers showed some fun dance moves led by Lori.

In the afternoon the team went to Siedlce. First we headed to the ATM (Bankomat in Poland) and the Kantor to get Polish money.  Then we met Siedlce County Deputy Governor, Josefa Rychlik, at the Siedlce County Government Offices. She briefed us on how the local county, city, and township system of government works. We also learned that this county is a large farming area, producing lots of mushrooms, apples, vegetables, and pork. The county has been getting help from the European Union, but has been recently affected by budget cuts just like everywhere else. Various questions and discussions took place between volunteers and the Deputy Governor with the Dorota doing an excellent job of translating it all for us. After a photo session we were invited to the Deputy Governor’s private office where we saw more paintings from the artists that visit and work at Reymontówka. Also in the hallway there is a wall with names of all the previous governors and terms served during the time the Siedlce area was a separate province. Volunteers noticed Wożniak, a name familiar in the United States as someone with that name being one of the founders of Apple Inc. Overall, it was a very informative meeting.

Sylwia then took us on a tour of central Siedlce. We visited the Cathedral; then the grounds of the University of Siedlce, the former Ogiński Palace; and the oldest church, built in 1530.  A visit to the post office was in order for Gary, Eric, and I bought post cards and stamps to send mail to the United States; we thought it all was quite a bargain. Then on to the supermarket where we looked at all the meats and fish available, plus the various ice creams.

Sophia and Freya returned to Reymontówka, but first made a stop at McDonald’s at the edge of Siedlce. Freya was heard announcing the French Fries are like the United States, only better!
The rest of the group met Dorota at the shop associated with the Chopin Factory in Siedlce. Here the prices were also very good and we made a few purchases. The final stop was the nearby train station to buy tickets to Warsaw and Krakow for weekend trips.
As we moved to the end of the third day here, the nightly entertainment started – the Dating Game. There was lots of clapping and giggling. It is great to see the kids having so much fun.
Journal prepared by Brenda
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