Visiting Daniela’s House in Calderón

Highlights from Team Journal Entry for Thursday, May 2884

Today was an action-packed day! We were back upstairs with the babies today and we really enjoyed seeing their smiling faces once again. We are all amazed to see the differences in development between the “big kids” and the babies. They are only about one year apart, but that one year actually makes a huge difference. During our lunch break, we went back to Cecilia’s shop because we liked her art so much. Jordan and Lauren ended up buying extra things because they are just so beautiful. Then, we went to the supermarket to buy groceries for our home visit! We were fortunate enough to be able to visit one of the children’s houses after daycare ended. The family lives just a few blocks from the daycare and they were kind enough to welcome us into their home. We sat and talked for about 30 minutes about family life, Calderón, and education. The family was extremely welcoming. Although this visit was emotional, we learned so much. This was our first real look into what kids in Calderón experience before and after school. Daniela was not able to come to daycare today because she was sick, but her mom told us that she cried in the morning because she wanted to come to daycare and see her new friends – us! That showed us how important our presence is at the daycare and that we are truly making an impact. Finally, our night ended with a wonderful dinner at an Italian restaurant with Maggie. We had tons of great conversation and laughs and ate delicious food. Tomorrow is our last full day and none of us can believe it. This experience has been absolutely amazing and we are sad that it’s coming to an end.

Entry submitted by: Jordan

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