Message from Artie Mullins, Global Volunteers’ West Virginia Community Coordinator.

“Our partnership with Global Volunteers brings volunteers from all across the globe to travel the small towns of Kincaid and Beards Fork. Like the college students, these professionals from all walks of life inspire our youth and become mentors to them. Often times while serving several weeks at a time, the youth get the unique opportunity of spending quality time with a professional who can share what it is like living outside of our small county and succeeding at what ever occupation they may have. Once again this is a priceless service that the volunteer provides. How else could a small town Fayette County youth work alongside a surgeon or a lawyer for eight hours a day for a week or two?

Volunteer generation, generational volunteers? Either way our volunteers challenge us, inspire us, teach us, and mentor us in many ways.”

working in West Virginia

To the thousand or so volunteers who have logged over 60, 000 service hours this year alone we send… A Big Heartfelt Thanks!

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