Dear Global Volunteers,
I so appreciate your updates, for I am a devoted volunteer and supporter of Global Volunteers! My late husband and I first went with a team to Rota, Spain in 1998 – then had planned to go Italy but had to cancel because of health problems for him. He died in June, 2007 and I felt I needed to be away for that first Christmas. That is how I went to Chennai, India – with a remarkable team – there were 8 of us. We still keep in close contact and one team member visited me in July. She is returning to Chennai in January 2009 and will be there for the baptism of the baby son of our team leaders, Stephen and Sheeba – so I am crocheting a shawl for her to take – that perhaps can be used at the christening. It is a project of love!

I have signed up to go to Hanoi in May of 2009. Like many – I have a limited income and budget very carefully, but this is a neccessity. Vietnam has special meaning for me as my husband and I volunteered at our neighborhood high school – a class taught by a friend who works with students coming in from different parts of the world – with limited English. I share your concern about the present economy – and also feel the programs of Global Volunteers are more important than ever. So I’m cutting corners on expenses in every way possible to look ahead to my next service program – maybe Christmas 2009.
– Aleatha Scholer, devoted volunteer
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