June 20 – Volunteer Report – Getting in Gear – Montana

At 9 o’clock this morning we went to the Blackfeet Community College to receive our work assignments. The college has a beautiful campus. The administrative building looks like a very large, very modern version of a log cabin. At the meeting we were introduced to several members of the local community who are supervising work projects — including Bob Tailfeathers, Wilbert Fish, Ginny Weeks, Sam Aimsback and Dee.

Our work projects include working at the rodeo grounds, helping install some community and family gardens, math tutoring, clearing ground and working with elders. I was assigned to work in the Medicine Spring library with Ginny, where I started putting together a bibliography of the childrens’ books.

In the evening, some of us stayed at De La Salle School for a dinner of cajun fish, grilled cheese sandwiches, and tomato soup while the rest of the group headed to the Sweat at Tom Crawford’s house in Heart Butte.

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