Vietnam Volunteer Vacation – Tuesday October 5th

By Alex

Rested and rejuvenated, we volunteers returned to our respective assignments on Monday of week two.

Classes at NBK greeted us with gusto. Brandishing smiles of familiarity, they enthusiastically called us by name. Like thirsty sponges, our students absorbed our English lessons and asked insightful questions, such as “what do you think of Ho Chi Minh?”

At lunch, we expressed our collective condolences to Mr Quy regarding the loss of his grandfather. As a cultural aside, we found ‘the washing of the bones” of the deceased most interesting.

At FTU, Keith was recognized as a “Distinguished Guest” at a program featuring the Ambassador from Denmark opening a new joint program. Upon completion of this professional exchange program, FTU students will be certified for further education or employment in Europe.

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