Volunteering in Vietnam – Friday, July 3, 2009

Today, our last day of class, was bitter-sweet. We reviewed everything we had covered and had students sing the songs connected to each unit. They love singing. We played games re-enforcing the vocabulary and they did drawing and designing activities, specifically making menus and drawing articles of clothing with descriptions. We took lots of pictures of the whole group. Singing “It’s a Small World” was a perfect way to end this two week experience. Mr. Dung, the director of SOS, gave a warm good-bye speech. Then one by one we said a few words to the students.

When my turn came, I couldn’t say much as I started to cry. The secretary and interpreter, Mr. Long, told us the students wanted to shake our hands. It didn’t take long for volunteers and students alike to cry in earnest. We hate leaving and the students were sad to see us go. “I will miss you” many of the students said. They gave each of us a gift that they made in the summer and Mr. Dung gave us a SOS Children’s Village pin and book on the SOS programs in Vietnam.

After saying our good-byes, we were treated to the best meal we have had yet. The main dish, BUN BO NAM BO, was Mr. Long’s specialty and it was only one of several delicious dishes. He poured each of us a glass of wine from a bottle he had received as a gift from an Australian. We toasted to the success of the first Global Volunteer project with SOS. We all agreed that we had done a good job and that the students and staff appreciated the work we have done. It seems a sure thing that SOS would like more Global Volunteers in the future. It’s been a memorable experience that we will not soon forget.
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