Volunteering is a universal good

Today was our second and final day volunteering at the Santa Elena Nature Reserve. The day started off with a very full bus ride to the reserve with some other volunteers from other organizations. Once we got there, one of the tour guides, Donald, gave us a much-anticipated tour of the reserve. He was a great tour guide. He was very funny and knew a lot about the wildlife. While on the tour, we were actually able to see a quetzal! Donald was so excited he could hardly contain himself. This bird is so beautiful and such a big piece of Costa Rican culture. I felt very honored that we had the chance to see one! After the tour, we ate a delicious lunch. Then it was back to work. Our group had to be split up to do different jobs, so I volunteered to work with another group of volunteers I had met earlier at the reserve. We walked along the trails raking leaves and pulling weeds. I saw even more beautiful birds while I was working! I really enjoyed the work I did today. I got to bond with other volunteers from various countries including Finland, Switzerland, and even guys from other parts of the U.S. Working with them reminded me about why it’s so important for you to volunteer. We all come from different backgrounds, yet we all decided to come to Costa Rica to help better the community. Volunteering your services is a universal good and anyone can help. Today, I not only learned more about the culture of Costa Rica, but I learned about the places the other volunteers come from. It makes me want to travel and volunteer even more.



A huge stick bug we happened to find on a hydrangea

Entry submitted by: Ellie

Message of the Day – Ellie: “If you’re twenty-two, physically fit, hungry to learn and be better, I urge you to travel – as far and as widely as possible. Sleep on floors if you have to. Find out how other people live and eat and cook. Learn from them – wherever you go.” – Anthony Bourdain

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