Watching in Amazement

“Carpe diem, seize the day – boys make your lives extraordinary!”
– Robin Williams from Dead Poet’s Society

Today our day started out like most others. Me and Sherri headed for construction while Kate and Megan went to the clinic and Carrie to the school. Mohammad and Edward left for Iringa Town for some shopping and left us all alone. After lunch we split up once more… thus Meghan and Carrie to the construction site and Kate and Sherri to the clinic and I to the school. Apparently we had little work to do because by 3:30 we were all at the construction site.

At 4:00 ish we headed back to the mission house to get ready to watch the HeHe dancers. Mama Tony led us to the area where we were to watch the dancers. We were greeted once again by the wide smiles of the children and their ample amount of energy. After a little bit of confusion we found the dancers and watched in amazement as they performed their routine.

At night we were joined for dinner with many surprise guests as well as the return of Edward who apparently experienced a flat tire. The night ended early with all of us heading up to bed and this time Meghan and Kate hoped to be woken up with the news of a mother giving birth.

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