Seeing The Water Project

Vivire militare est (To live is to fight)
-Lucio Aneo Seneca

Our group woke up this morning very exited because finally we where going to see the water project that had been so mentioned for the past days, especially Mimi and Eric worked raising the money so that this dream for Pommern citizens could become true.

We got ready as soon as we could wearing comfortable shoes and clothes, carrying our water bottles and everything we needed. Eitan got a little bit too exited with the pacing.

We left the Global Volunteers house at around 8:30 and we hopped into the luxurious and comfortable 1st class seats of Mohamed’s truck.

Before we arrived you could see that everyone was anxious to get there, and it never crossed our minds the long and adventurous journey that we had ahead, we even lost a fellow member in the way (Ryan) but we will get to that soon.

When we arrived we met Gallus the technician who was in charge of doing the project, and he was very kind in explaining to us how it worked and how he contracted everything.

It pumps 4 liters of water per second and it will be enough water to sustain the school and other members of the community. It was very interesting to know.

So off we went to our hiking trip and at first it was very easy, but it started getting complicated. The views where fantastic.

We where all impressed that Mimi and Erick are the fittest members of the team.

After a while we came across some agricultural planting and the workers, we all appreciated the beautiful landscapes that we come across

Half way to our destination we saw Mohamed , Ryan went with him because his leg was giving him trouble.

And finally after going up and down again and again we where all exhausted except Carlos who used his spiderman abilities .

We finished where the water tanks are going to be and we where all very impressed by the ditch’s longitude.

When we got back home we all rested, had lunch and took a nap, but it wasn’t long until the kids from the village came and asked to play soccer.

So Carlos, Ryan and Eugenio got ready to play with them.

After we where all exhausted we finished and we came back for a nice shower rest and dinner. We had a group meeting where we got to the conclusion that Carlos and Eugenio can not seat together and neither can Mimi and Erick.

We finally got our assigned work for tomorrow and finally the night came along and play with Ryan’s iPad took off to bed.

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