Water Water Everywhere But Not a Drop to Drink

It is not nearly as bad the old saying above but Pommern does have issues. It is the dry season after all. When laundry day comes to the secondary school the water for washing can slow to a trickle.

Today we set off in the Land Cruiser, with Harrison and several students from the secondary school along with Edward, Amy, Jack and Hannah. We took another thrilling ride across the African Bridge, this time loaded with all of the above along with our intrepid driver Mohammed, plus several bags of cement, a case of water, assorted rebar and all the tools we have used working on the kitchen. I volunteered along with several others to get out of the vehicle in order to lighten the load but Mohammed judging the bridge adequate continued across with all aboard. Another flawless crossing after which we arrived at the water intake reservoir which is now well along. Here we spent the day carrying sand and gravel from the top of the hill to the reservoir. In addition to this task we mixed cement for Moses and the others who were plastering the inside of the reservoir and finishing off the top. The students joined heartily in all of these endeavors as well as helping to dig out an area that was going to be the site of the main water valve.

Meanwhile, Spencer spent the day working with Dr. Godlove sorting pills and organizing patients’ files.

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