Planning to host Global Volunteers in November.

Planning to host Global Volunteers in November.

My proposal to the Vietnamese Blind Association(VBA) School to have English conversational programs taught by Global Volunteers through our short-term visits have gotten very positive feedback. VBA’s school currently is providing an English course taught by blind Vietnamese teachers, therefore our program is extremely helpful for them, and they are grateful for Global Volunteers’ help.

Sadly, most of Vietnamese blind or visually impaired people don’t have the white cane and they have even never heard about it. They only know the bamboo sticks and now rarely use it. That’s why BlindLink has just launched a Program called “Free White Cane” to promote the use of white cane for the Vietnamese blind. Funds for the program come from a variety of sources, including donations (in-kind or in-cash) and profit from Omamori Spa chain. Specifically, for every service customers enjoy at Omamori Spa, an amount of 10, 000 VND automatically is contributed to the “Free White Cane” Program.

We’re so highly appreciative of the volunteers who are donating new or second-hand white canes or help us network with appropriate organizations so that our blind people may have an useful tool to achieve independence in their daily lives.  We’re all looking forward to your arrival!

Huong Nguyen, BlindLink Founder and Director

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