We Got to Visit a Student’s Home – How Special!

Message of the Day:

The road to a friend’s home may be bumpy but the welcome is warm! LMN

Team Journal Entry:

After breakfast we were picked up by the school van to take us to school to pick up a student and her teacher plus Lilly and another teacher.  We drove 20 minutes to the student’s home: the Zhu family in the village of Shangba. The village is larger than an American “village” and full of very old and many newer multi-level homes constructed of brick. The older homes have tile roofs, some now covered with tin; the newer homes have flat roofs, some with an open terrace on the roof. Many homes have “solar energy” – large water tank supplied by the water from the near-by reservoir with many plastic pipes warmed by sunlight.

The house door w/h  New Year decoration from last year, the grandma, meat hanging on the roof

The house door w/h last New Year decoration, the gandma, meat hanging on the roof

We walked up 5-6 levels to the upper terrace. The family lives on the 3rd level and in the new addition they put on the main house, with the aunt and uncle living on another level. Grandmother and grandfather live with them. The roof garden has several boxes of gardens with various produce – radishes, cilantro, garlic, peppers, strawberries.

The family cooked a feast of many dishes – pork and rice mixture, chicken and garbanzo beans, stir-fry celery, various greens, lotus root, plus thin-sliced salmon from the family fish-hatchery with a hot mustard sauce. Locally produced red wine was tasty, and Jack enjoyed a slug of “white lightening” – the huge bottle was full of interesting herbs. And of course a huge steamer of delicious white rice. Errett made it through the entire meal without a fork!  There were 12-15 of us around two low tables, we sat very  comfortably on stools; joining us were some family members one of whom was in uniform – he is part of a local militia that guards the reservoir.


The student and mother, the host busing cooking, “Cheers” and let’s enjoy the delicious meal

After lunch we drove to the reservoir and hiked a few hundred feet to the edge of the “lake”. The Zhu family has been assigned acreage around the reservoir by the government and is very proud of this property.

Upon returning to the hotel we met with the lobby manager and her assistant to discuss our helping the lobby staff, the restaurant staff, and the housekeeping staff with essential English for greeting foreign visitors and making sure their needs are understood and satisfied.  Tonight after dinner we will attend a performance of “Dynamic Yunnah”, a performance with dance and music – both traditional and modern.

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