We got to work with the hotel staff also!

LaVerneThought for the day: “Do, or do not. There is no ‘try’.” – Yoda (‘The Empire Strikes Back’)

Once again, the humor at our morning breakfast was the fact that we all received wakeup calls, even though no one requested them. Breakfast was filled with the usual mixture of American and Asian food groups and MaryAnn sat in her usually seat, on the watch for the Benques to arrive from the kitchen.  Promptly at our usual time, each team left for their school, packed with books, computers, and prepared lesson plans for a day of teaching English to students we have come to know, maybe not by name, but by their smiles and eagerness to raise they hands with ready answers to the questions in the lessons of the day.

hotelThe students were eager to see me walk in and were ready with pens, paper and books.  They were a bit surprised, as I was filling in for another volunteer, who was ill today, and not their usual teacher. They watched eagerly as I unloaded my pack, stuffed with cards, books and lesson plan. At the end of our lessons for the day, I taught the students a game of ‘Hand Clap Rounds’ as they named off different types of foods to eat in English. After morning classes, myself and Maryann attended an assembly of second year students (SYS) that allowed students to ask us different questions about America, Students in America and just American life in general. Afterward, student performances consisted of singing and dancing in traditional Chinese and Tibetan Culture.

The midday lunch, once again was full of numerous traditional Chinese dishes and Bill, MaryAnn, Judy and Cyndy gave English lessons to the hotel staff and Donald and Curtis gave English lessons to the front lobby desk staff, of which all reported fun times. Other volunteers either went shopping or caught up on R & R.  The evening meal was another great meal in the hotel restaurant of Chinese cultural food. Donald read the evenings journal and everyone said goodnight.

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