We may not have everything, but don’t waste what we do have.

After breakfast we looked at Don’s S.O.Y.—Save Our Youth (one of Don’s passions) brochure—so very well done and illustrated. Then I learned of the 3 leche cake which is apparently real yummy and can be made to have different consistencies. We also saw one of Don’s innovative teaching ideas using grocery flyers as a teaching aid in his English-Speaking classes.

We arrived at the Community Centre to realize that the number of ‘out-of-town’ volunteers exceeded the number of local volunteers. One of the top philosophies of Global Volunteers is that the understanding of 1:1 working together must be adhered to and is well explained in the Global Volunteers Manual. Alex who is very dedicated and committed went out to see what he could do. The day was saved within a short period of time. We were so relieved, as much can be done in one morning. We also understand that these people have very busy lives, children to raise and school vacations are not yet over. After Allan helped me to organize myself, I went back to painting the surrounding brick fencing. I got by with a lot of help from my (new) friends. At times we were all so quiet and the beautiful surrounding countryside made it feel like a peaceful and profound and united meditation. The demolition of the bleachers continued (nails removed from good wood, nails hammered down in old wood, and all nails tossed together for now, to be sorted later—Tico philosophy—we may not have everything/do not waste what we do have. The back wall of the bleachers also came down. Don searched for and found the RED CROSS sign, that on hindsight he was sorry he had thrown out. The grillwork that Jean and Kevin cleaned and painted yesterday looks REAL good. However, the fit for the window space is not quite right and will require some tweaking. The motto of, “measure twice and cut once”, I’m sure will be strictly adhered to. Today Jean and Kevin painted the large sliding door (used by the zamboni). Jean was not totally satisfied with the end result and appearance; but I know by now that she does not let anything defeat her.

Lunch was at Alejandro and Marta’s. Delicious again! Home-made tortillas again! As the day smoothly progressed, it made me wonder if the birds thought they were supposed to compete with all the beautiful rainbows we have seen along Rainbow Valley. We saw not 1, but 2 Toucans.

– Simone

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