Wednesday, April 16th

After a very windy night with a drop in temperature we woke to find the most beautiful rainbow. Amazingly, it did not appear to be raining but nevertheless, a beautiful low arc was visible across a large exposure of the clear sky. However, if we looked behind us the lush forest was clouded in a soft foie rain, called locally “pelo de gato”. Apparently the USA is blamed for the cold front moving in. We were soon on our way to work.

Those of us at the Colegio, were divided into two groups. Roger and I to work with the girls for the day Marlen and Sylvia. Unfortunately, Jessica had a sore throat so she stayed home. David assigned to work with Alonso, Isaac, and Greivin.

The plan for our group was to paint over the graffiti in the breezeway in colours (gold and terracotta) to match the school building. The first major task was to open the large plastic can of paint. Many opinions were offered and many attempts made but it was not until “Superman contractor David” arrived with just the right tool that the lid popped off. Line was needed to separate the two colors gold above and terracotta below. Making a straight line with masking tape over a long surface has its challenges. After several wobbly attempts Super David once again came to our rescue. Lines exactly plummet to tape measure specifications. Finally, David could get on with his assigned tasks while we started covering the graffiti. Quickly all those comments good or bad in Spanish or English along with romantic words and little hearts disappear beneath rollers and paintbrushes.
David’s group patched and painted the Religion room. David repaired some large holes in the wall using his carpentry skills cutting to size replacing board of various shapes and sizes.
Work was started in painting the room blue. It was a satisfying day for both teams a breezeway was almost completed and approved by our quality control manager Isaac, from David’s group. The religion room had its much needed repairs completed.

Sally had a busy day at Casem and in light moment was able to get a glimpse into the lives of the members over the coffee break and chatter. Catalina, Fiorella, the grandchildren of Nery, added an extra spark to the day.

Due to the horizontal rain we decided to defer our trip to the Children’s Eternal Forest in favor of hot chocolate and pastry at the coffee shop opposite CASEM.

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