Wednesday, August 7, 2012- Montana

by Charlie Monroe

After a quick shower in the pool locker room, found some eggs as an alternative to the traditional peanut butter and cheese. Added curry and shared. Another lively meeting.

Off to work – Colin needed help at the Head Start building on the BCC campus moving furniture so they could  – Rob, Colin, Daryl, and Charlie. Afterwards, I returned to the BCC library to finish moving the computer desks into place. Michele dropped by and said Ivan was desperate for help, so I headed over to the classroom building after the library work was done.

Ivan had 24 computer desks – each with at least one monitor, keyboard, mouse, UPS, and cables – jammed up against the wall and in the hallway. They needed arranging, cleaning – a fine patina of dust was on everything from the sanding and painting that was done over the summer. At noon, Ivan called lunch. I went over to Head Start, where Colin, Max, Emily, and Laura were still pulling weeds. We pulled together to get the job done at 12:30. Back to our Head Start home for lunch. Then Emily and I went back to the BCC classroom to clean desks. Wrapped up, headed back to our Head Start home. Found Paul, Rob, Daryl, Colin, and max working on the shed. Helped out until 4:50 when it was time to quit.

We drove out to Brother Ray’s in a caravan of four vehicles. After introductions were made, some of us headed to the stream to swim. Porter, Rob, and Charlie headed to the buffalo jump we had passed along the way. Exhibiting “how not to” judgment, we climbed to the top – one wearing flip-flops, one wearing Birkenstocks. A glorious view from the top. On the way back we passed through the boneyards – where untold thousands of buffalo were slaughtered. Outside of every gopher hole, there was a pile of soil with bone fragments.

Back to the mission just in time to get the last of the burgers, etc. Afterwards, we were treated to a history lesson by Marty, a retired teacher, who shared his many authentic Indian relics with us, like warrior headdresses.

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