Wednesday, Day 13 – (Last Day)

The day started really good with a 6 a.m. walk to the coffee shop. Then we returned to the hotel for a fantastic breakfast of French toast.

We went to the work site with lots of glimpses of rainbows. At the work site, everyone split off to different jobs. I worked with Grandpa and Kate trying to build the bus stop.We had a fabulous lunch cooked by Val and the women of Cebadilla. We split into our jobs and some switched jobs with other people. Some of us moved earth, worked on bus stop and other jobs. We almost left Kelly behind when she wandered off to take pictures.

Some of us went horseback riding and saw a little more than a quarter of the sunset. Some rode fast and others rode slow. Some were looking behind and others trying to stay on the path. We shared dinner with other the other Global Volunteers group, making new friends. I would say today was a fantastic day.

– The End –

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