Wednesday, Day 5

Thought for the day:
1. Speak with integrity
2. Don’t make assumptions
3. Don’t take anything personally
4. Always do your best
– from “The Four Agreements” by San Miguel Ruiz

Wednesday morning breakfast was ham and eggs with fresh fruit. Then we headed to the van to go to work. Some of us went to Cebadilla, the rest to the coop. The people who went to Cebadilla saw a nice bright rainbow. When we arrived there, we were assigned to our jobs. We worked until noon and then came in for lunch. There were noodles,
white rice, beans, soft tortilla shells and fresh fruit.

After that, we worked some more, with most of us getting our hands dirty and some of us getting all dirty! At 3 p.m., we were finally done. Then the vans picked us up and drove us to a party where there was candy, food and piñatas. Some of us left on the early van, the rest stayed for a later van.

When we were driving back, we saw another rainbow, this one slightly dimmer than the first. After the van dropped us off at the hotel, we had a small break and then reconvened for dinner. At dinner we had zucchini soup, then a wonderful sea bass with garlic.

Dinner was followed by a brief meeting touching on what we did and what we were going to do. Most of us were tired after the long day, so we went to bed.

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