June 15 – Life on the Rez – Montana

Cynthia and I started the day in Babb and worked with the Boys and Girls Club’s summer program. They had one of the local elders explaining Indian culture and how a headdress is built. We were given the opportunity to work with the children doing warm-up exercises and playing kick ball.

One of the children asked me why I had blue eyes. I said: “No I have brown eyes,” and he just laughed. (I do have blue eyes.) Seeing this interaction, one of the girls said I talked funny. I said: “I don’t Taalk funny… I’m from Boston.” She then informed me that the Heat “are the best” and they beat the Celtics. Then I made the mistake of calling one of the boys a girl and they just laughed at me. It is always rewarding working with kids — they are so honest and enjoyable to be around.

At noon, we were asked to come back to Browning and help clean up an illegal dump site. Although it was difficult to leave the children, the dump site needed a lot of work and we took out six dump truck loads. Early evening, we attended the Museum of the Plains Indians and watched a film on the history of the nations. (Brother Ray claimed there was a real scalp on one of the exhibits. We could not find it and asked the cashier and all we got was a funny look. I think we had one pulled over on us all in good fun.)

After dinner, Christopher, my son, and I were invited to Brother Paul’s home to watch the final game of the Stanley cup play-offs. Being from the Boston area, this was a real treat for us. The Bruins won 4 -0 and it ended another great day in Browning.

If you are thinking of volunteering and joining Global Volunteers or any other volunteer group just do it. You will receive more than you give… I guarantee it.

– Steve

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