Week 2!

Our first day back at FUNDAC after an action packed weekend was a more laid back one. We started off with another one of our delicious breakfasts at the hotel. We had French toast, croissants, and a strange-looking fruit that was like a kiwi on the inside.

We arrived at FUNDAC to see the maestro already hard at work on the sandbox walls. We were joined by several parent volunteers again, who helped to move a big stack of pavers as well as a large pile of gravel. I spent most of the day helping the maestro build the walls. He is slowly giving me more and more tasks. Today I helped mix cement, put the cement on the top of the wall for new blocks, and filled in the cracks with cement.


Darrell and the ‘maestro’ building the back wall

Missy spent most of the morning sorting out the huge number of children’s pants that she collected as a donation for the center. It is an impressive amount of pants!


Missy and the outcome of her ‘Pants Drive’ – 100 pairs of kids’ pants!

Jenn spent most of the day inside the center, helping make the Valentine’s bunnies, cleaning, and feeding the children. Both Missy and Jenn also spent some time helping out outside from time to time.


Jenn and the ‘tías’ making bunny valentines

The afternoon was much like the morning, with more wall building, child feeding, and Valentine making. There was also, of course, the occasional playtime with the kids, both indoors and out.

Week two seems more relaxed than the first week. I think we are all becoming more comfortable with each other and our roles. The laughs come easily these days, both from kids and adults, too!

Entry submitted by: Darrell

Message of the Day – Darrell: “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” – Dale Carnegie

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