Weekend adventures

Dick, Greg and Freya spent the weekend in Warsaw where they escaped a rainstorm by touring the Royal Castle, then visited the Old Town and climbed the Watch Tower. Dick especially enjoyed learning how Warsaw was expertly reconstructed after WWII. Greg’s highlight was hearing the sounds of a didjeridoo on the streets of Warsaw. I didn’t get a chance to ask Freya what the highlight of her visit to Warsaw was but I have a feeling it had something to do with candy.

Lori also spent the weekend in Warsaw. Her highlight was being approached by a woman in a shopping center who recognized her and told Lori she remembered her from going to camp at Reymontowka several years ago. It’s a small world, as they say. Lori also took the opportunity to visit the Zachęta Museum where she enjoyed a video art exhibit by the Danish artist, Peter Land.
Connie and Sophia went to Lublin on Saturday to visit Julia, the 4 year old granddaughter of Connie’s friend Eva. Eva is very much the proud grandmother as she showed me many pictures of Julia when she visited Reymontowka last week.  While in Lublin, they visited the Lublin Underground and also saw some performers doing a slack line exhibition which is sort of like walking a tightrope. On Sunday, Sophia was thrilled to go shopping in Warsaw with Eva’s daughter, Agnes. The highlight of Sophia’s weekend was finding the perfect pair of leather shoes in Warsaw. The highlight of Connie’s weekend was not having to go on the shopping trip.
Gary, Brenda, Ben and I all made the long trek to Krakow for the weekend. Our main goal was to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau and we were all left speechless by the horror of the concentration camps. Greg and Brenda after returning from Auschwitz also visited Wawel Hill, Kazimierz (the Jewish Quarter), and Oskar Schindler’s Factory which they said was a superb museum of WWII history. On Sunday, all four  of us went to the Salt Mine at Wielieczka which was fascinating. A special adventure was taking the city bus (#304 for future readers) from Krakow to Wielieczka which cost only 4 złoty each way. We returned to Reymontowka on Sunday evening to find dinner waiting for us even though it was after 9 PM when we arrived.
Dziękujębardzo to the ladies in the kitchen!

Journal prepared by Eric

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