Weekend in Costa Rica


Breakfast was at 8:30 this morning, it was a nice sleep-in, but lunch at noon was a little close. Dick, Jean and Don went on the Mountain tour and walked about 6 km. (so they say). While on the hike Dick and Don climbed a tower while Jean guarded their packs on the ground. Apparently the last 50 or so feet of the climb was upside down. They both got magnificent photos of Mount Arenal. Meanwhile Allan and Simone stayed around the ranch and regenerated. After dinner everyone turned in early again.


Another late breakfast again, and Dick and Don left to do the zip line. Jean says that the photo of Dick on the zip line looks like he had a “ OH!!! DO-DO!!!” look on his face. After zipping over and thru the jungle, Don did the suspension bridge and got a movie of a Quitzal and a Trogan. Was he ever excited. Simone and Allan went on another walk-about. Jean walked to town and got caught-up on some of the things that needed catching up on. Nia got back from San Josenone the worse for wear. We had dinner talked about the weekend played Banana Gram and hit the hay. Early to bed, early to rise, I think the saying goes.

– Allan

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