Welcome to Tanzania

Upon checking into The Slipway Hotel, I met a man who welcomed me to Tanzania. It was Edward, the country leader for Global Volunteers. He must have seen the big yellow Global Volunteers tag on my luggage. What a warm welcome from the start.

At 6 p.m. we all met for introductions and the dinner. We were introduced to Mohamed, the driver and second in charge, and to the 8 volunteers on the trip – Steve, Sue, Kassidy, Stephen, Greg, Melissa, Elizabeth & Sonja. Again we were welcomed. We learnt a little about each other, asked as to why we decided to serve with Global Volunteers. Told that we are going to serve where we are invited and work  side by side under the direction of the local people.  Then we enjoyed dinner at the Waterfront restaurant.

Then came the rules – drink bottled water, don’t eat street food, keep valuables in our possession and learn some key words to help us during our time here. Edward has shown himself already to be a grateful host, looking to ensure we have a safe and enjoyable experience here.

After dinner, it was time for us to retire to our rooms and for those that flew in today, a chance to recover from the jet lag.

I chose to take advantage of the free wifi in my room (as I am right next to reception) and clean out my email which I have not been able to check often whilst on safari. Then I watched the first half of the football (Spain vs France) before exhaustion overcame me. Alarm set for 6:30 – now time for bed.


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