Welcome to the Family!

village life at mgagao,selling local donuts 186Message of the Day: “Welcome to the Family!”

Journal: Today we woke up at the Lutheran Centre to a delicious breakfast of fruit and omelettes.  We took a nice walk to visit the Secretary General who spoke eloquently about the role we would be playing while in Pommern and how we were now part of the Global Volunteer family. It was nice to hear his perspective and we appreciated him spending time to welcome us. From there, we dropped by the Neema Craft store and fell in love with the beautiful items. We then met Mama Toni at the market and had a fun tour to see everything. We also got to experience the Masai market – the artwork was evocative of the cultural history of the area.

After lunch we started gathering luggage, people, and water for our trip to Pommern. Once again, Mohammed did an exceptional job driving and made it over those rocky roads in record time – one hour and 26 minutes!

When we arrived at our “home away from home” with our newly formed family, we felt excited, grateful, and in awe of the beauty of the land.

After an incredible dinner served by Mama Toni (spaghetti, broccoli/carrots, fish, baked bananas, and pineapple), we stepped outside to see the stars. Feeling small in this big world, we are all part of the family brought together by Global Volunteers.  Sitting around the fire, we bonded – laughed, told stories, shared histories, and Aidan’s special welcome led Meghan to say to Linda, “Welcome to the family!

We are thrilled to be a part of this great adventure and look forward to more bonding with the Pommern family.

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