We’re better teachers today, yeah!

??????????Thought of the day: Look ahead, be positive.

This was the 2nd day for the Global Volunteers to work at the Xi’an Biomedical Technical college and Hi-tech College. Following Monday’s after dinner discussions, improvements were made in our approach to the students’ lessons.

The volunteers at Biomedical College used giving movement directions, face part vocabulary building, introductions using complete sentences, Chinese holidays and their meaning and an explanation of US money.

At the Hi-tech College, volunteers discussed with the students family histories with vocabulary building, introductions and descriptions of the students families and what parents do for a living (many are wheat, corn, fruit and vegetable growers.)

Photos and magazines were used to develop subjects of interest such as what is Kobe Bryant and Yao Ming doing? Some students wanted to see the Michael Jackson moon dance.

The morning’s teaching ended at 11:50am followed by lunch at the hotel and included a continuation of interesting stories from the life experiences of our very diverse group. I await the next installment of jails, drugs, and mental health.


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